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Ruby IDE : Redcar

July 30, 2010 Leave a comment

It has been sometime that I have been using Ruby and RoR and I have always felt a void when it comes to a good IDE (I use Windows and Ubuntu). I have tried RadRails, Komodo, e editor to name a few. Last year I tried Redcar and liked it over all others. It had problems(and it was not supported on Windows) but there was a lot of active development going on and it looked promising. Then, for the next few months I never got back much to Ruby and never looked for an IDE. Last night I happened to google again and take a look at Redcar. I was amazed at the changes. It had almost all the things that I needed. There had been development to support it on Windows as well. The installation was as simple as running 2 commands..

gem install redcar

redcar install

I created a shortcut on my desktop to call the command using a cmd script and used one of its png images(<ruby-home>\lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems\redcar-\plugins\application\icons) as an icon image. That is all the work I needed to do. Best of all it, runs on GPL. (Nothing better)

I decided to write this on my blog as an effort to help Redcar gain more audience. Apple users might call it a rip off or a clone of Textmate but I think Daniel Lucraft has done an excellent job.

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